Maison Albar Hotels Le Monumental Palace, your 5 star hotel in Porto for seminars

There are two types of companies when it comes to choosing a hotel for a seminar. There are those who see this meeting as a chore and an expense and therefore only see the cost. And the others who know how to find a unique opportunity, through an exceptional setting, to offer the best to their teams in order to keep them on the road to success. With Maison Albar Hotels Le Monumental Palace, you have found the 5 star hotel in Porto for your seminars.

Hotel for professional events in Porto, an impeccable equipment

Seminars, meetings, product presentations, board meetings, whatever the name and formula, you will need the best facilities for you and your team. In this luxury hotel for professional events, there are already 3 rooms that welcome you with different possible arrangements, with equipment such as air conditioning, stationery kit, overhead projector, wifi and everything you need to carry out your meetings. Beyond the rooms, it is the professionalism of the teams, the hotel bar, its spa, the Michelin-rated restaurant or the activitiesIn addition to the rooms, it is the professionalism of the staff, the hotel bar, the spa, the Michelin-rated restaurant and the activities that can be organized in conjunction with the hotel that will make this Maison Albar Hotels Le Monumental Palace hotel a 5-star hotel in Porto for your seminars.

A luxury hotel for business events, but a hotel above all

With its 63 rooms and 13 suites, its 30's atmosphere, the beauty of this 1920's building, the spa, the decoration with a perfect balance between noble materials and contemporary arrangements, you are in a unique place. This 5 star hotel in Porto for seminars is without doubt the most beautiful hotel in the city. It is not only the magnificent rooms with an ideal view of Porto, it is the whole hotel and its facilities that make it a rare place in the city. Why shouldn't your team have the right to the best, for example with a Nuxe Spa, one of the largest in the city, and in addition to massages and treatments, facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, an ultra-modern fitness room, a Jacuzzi and many other assets. The same is true of the gastronomy with, in particular, the Yakuza Porto, a unique restaurant mixing Asian and Brazilian influences. We could go on and on to explain why this hotel is the right hotel for business events in Porto to meet your ambitions.

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